We offer you step by step coaching to reach your goal

A typical outplacement services program consists of six steps to the next opportunity

Outplacement service orientation

Get acquainted with your outplacement coach
Learn about our outplacement service program, materials and objectives
Discuss your career transition needs and wants

Assessment process

As career planning and career coaching experts, we know this phase of the career transition process is critical to a successful job search. We have a series of assessment tools to help those using our outplacement services quickly determine their best fit.
Education and training
Skills and work history
Strengths and weaknesses
Job search parameters (pay, location, etc.)

Development of career transition action plan

We help develop a plan to ensure the client moves quickly and effectively toward the next career opportunity. Each client’s job search strategy is personalized based upon their goals, challenges and abilities. As outplacement coaching experts, we help our outplacement clients make wise decisions on use of job search engines, career networking, social media and other available options.

Develop job search tools

Cover letters
Networking materials
Online presence

Job search support

Ongoing coaching on outplacement strategy
Interview preparation
Mock interviews
Post-interview debriefs
Access to job search resources

Post-offer support

Negotiation strategy coaching
Coaching on closing the job search
Starting the new position successfully

We also provide executive career enhancement services to help you create the job you want without leaving your company.

Executive Coaching

Sharpen your skills in time management and people management, identify where you excel and make the most of your strengths, find opportunities to grow, and make yourself a star in your organization.

Executive Resumes

Develop a resume that’s more than just a timeline of your experience. Show your accomplishments, contributions, and strengths in the best light possible, and get noticed by your leaders and board members.

Career Coaching

Are you where you want to be in your career and in your personal life? Define your career goals clearly, and find out if your best fit is within your current company or if you could search out a new, better opportunity.