Standard Outplacement Programs

Every company has different needs when it comes to outplacement and career transition services. Maybe you have one person to separate, maybe a few managers, maybe an entire department or a whole business. Our approach is specific to each level in an organization and can encompass one or more separated employees. While we are very happy to customize our outplacement services to each company’s specific needs, we also have standard programs we can work within.


For anyone who is separated from employment for any reason, such as job elimination, performance, or reduction in force, we provide outplacement and career transition guidance to assess a new career path, develop a resume, improve networking skills and practice interviewing.


For a mass layoff, RIF situations, job elimination, business closing, reorganization, or other events where a number of people are separated at one time, we can provide career assessments, job search training, resume building, interview training, and other support in a group setting.


We offer the customized, personal support a separated executive requires to find the best fit for his or her skills and level of experience, including career coaching, comprehensive resume review, networking support, interview practice, and negotiating skills.