Outplacement services as part of the organizational design process.

Employee Retention is Better than Recruiting 2019

Employee retention is THE key to organizational success today. While a solid overall talent management strategy will include improved recruiting processes, employee recognition, employee training, supervisory training, outplacement services and many other activities, real talent growth starts when a company implements effective employee retention processes.

Many people stress over the tight labor market … and it IS tight.

If you spend a bit more time focusing on how to make the work experience in your organization so welcoming and fulfilling that folks won’t consider leaving you, you will get several big benefits – employee retention and improved production, quality, attendance, creativity, etc.

There are lots of ways to improve your employee retention. It’s time to really to Walk A Mile In Your Employee’s Shoes. A good retention plan starts with a good design – everything from how you recruit, onboarding, train, supervise to how you provide outplacement services for those no longer needed.

Start today … better employee retention is less expensive and stressful than the alternative … you won’t regret it!!!!

PS Employee retention really is neither difficult, nor expensive. To improve your employee retention results all you need is focus and commitment. Once you understand that employee retention has as much value as shipping and receiving, for example, and act accordingly on a daily basis, you will be surprised at how quickly things can turn around. Having said that, there are no “quick fixes” in employee retention – while you will see fast improvements initially in your efforts, unless you truly commit to doing those things that help your employees know that you think THEY are important, you’ll find your long-term employee retention results disappointing.

I recommend that you start your employee retention improvement efforts by doing a “reward audit”. You need to ask your employees how they feel recognized and rewarded for doing their jobs. Most companies are shocked by the paucity of answers they get back. This is where to start … good luck!

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Tips for Creating an Engaging Resume.

A good resume represents who you are to a prospective employer. A well craftedresume can be very helpful in your search for “the” job.  A bad resume, on the other hand, can hurt your job search efforts.

Guide to a Stronger Resume.

  • Optimize Your Resume for the ‘Scan’.No matter how impressive your accomplishments might be, if your resume doesn’t have a well-thought format, it can fail the ‘scan’ test. Your resume is rarely read from start to finish by the hiring manager. Generally, hiring managers only have time to take a brief look at the format of what you’ve written. If your resume looks clunky, managers will often not invest time to look deeper; they just go to the next resume.

    Make sure you are using an attractive, easy to figure out and read format for your resume. Leave complex designs, fancy fonts and pictures for another time.  Here are some ideas:

    • Use bullet points to highlight important achievements or responsibilities.
    • Reduce the use of underlying and italics, as these only make your resume harder to read.
    • Use wider margins and plenty of white space to ensure hiring managers can easily read and recognize important information on your resume.
  • Use Proper Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

    The use of good spelling, proper punctuation and grammar sends a message that you are careful in your work, that you sweat the details and can follow guidelines. With grammar and spelling checking on most popular word processing software programs today (Word, Google Docs, etc.), there is no reason to have mistakes on your resume. Unfortunately, one missed comma or misspelled word can easily result in you being disqualified for a good job.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Offer Outplacement Services to Your Employees

Outplacement assistance is a highly misunderstood concept. While most people view it simply as being there for your employees for a certain period of time after you’ve laid them off, outplacement assistance entails a lot more than that.

Not only does outplacement assistance include helping your outgoing employee draft the perfect resume, but outplacement services in Chicago, Dallas, Central Illinois or wherever your organization is located can also help your employees find “the” job of their dreams. What’s more, with the help of corporate outplacement services, you can also build a reputation for yourself in the market, and build meaningful relationships with your employees.

Still not convinced that outplacement services are actually important? Here, we’re telling you some of the top reasons about the importance of offering outplacement assistance to departing workers that are guaranteed to change your mind.

1. Build Meaningful Relationships

The world today is more connected than ever before. Needless to say, building and maintaining relationships is crucial if you want to make it big in the industry.

With the help of outplacement services in Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, or Central Illinois, you can show your employees how much you really care about them, and ultimately build a strong and lasting relationship.

2. Improve Your Brand Image

Since outplacement coaching assistance is one of those additional services that you are not obligated to offer, investing in outplacement service shows that you’re genuinely concerned about the future of employees that have worked with you. While this might not seem like a lot, it’sl gestures like these that go a long way, and can help you build an affinity towards your brand.

By supporting your employees throughout the job-finding process, you can also show how committed you are to staying true to your company values, helping you paint a positive picture in front of the world.

3. Reduce Unemployment

Most outgoing employees are generally too distressed to go about searching for a job without technical assistance and emotional support during the process.

On the technical side of finding a job, those utilizing outplacement services assess their talents and interests and learn to offer compelling answers to interview questions.  They also learn many other things, including how to intelligently, more quickly and effectively find “the” job for themselves.

As you might have guessed, doing with without an outplacement coach can be difficult.

Fortunately, a good outplacement agency walks employees through the entire process, hence playing a part in reducing unemployment. A professional outplacement agency will also explain how you can leverage your talents and skills for better compensation and benefits.

4. Protect Organization From Legal Liabilities

Protecting your organization is absolutely necessary. Hiring an outplacement agency can help with just that.

A professional outplacement service can help you mitigate the risk of legal action being taken by displaced employees, reduce your unemployment costs and show that your corporation truly your employee’s service and efforts.

Outplacement Company is here to help companies that truly care about those in career transition.  Please email us at contactus@outplacementcompany.net or call one of our locations for more information on how we can help.  We provide outplacement services nationwide to help those in career transition. You may also find out more about us at www.performtogrow.com

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3 Things You Should Do To Terminate Humanely

Have you ever thought about the impact of the words we use when we “let someone go,” “terminate” or “fire” someone? The images these words conjure up aren’t pretty. Worse, many times, these words reflect how the employee actually feels when they are told that they are being “separated” from their organization.
There are some simple steps you can follow to make this process easier on all involved.
Start With The Right Mindset
When most people think “termination,” they only see the negative aspects of the process. When you start with a less than positive outlook, it is hard to relax enough to perform the work to be done in an optimal manner.
Start by recognizing that you aren’t ending a career, you are promoting one. The person leaving your organization is being freed to find something that better fits their skills, interests and personality. They get to make a fresh start. In the long term, they will be happier and so will you.
I’ve been in human resources now for over 30 years and, during all that time, I’ve only seen a handful of people, out of many thousands, who didn’t end up with as good or better job than the one they lost.
Fire Them; Don’t Fire Them Up
If your supervisors aren’t trained and experienced in how to properly terminate an employee, they can create more upset than necessary. Angry employees sometimes seek legal assistance, attempt to negatively impact your relationships with customers, disrupt remaining staff, and create negative perceptions with others. Many a discrimination charge has been spawned by a less than optimally skilled supervisor trying to power through a termination.
Make sure your supervisors are fully trained in the process. Bring us in to help train your staff on key techniques and plan the termination meeting. The little additional work required to do these things will mean less stress for all involved.
Help Them Take The First Step
When a person loses their job, they often feel fearful. How will they pay their bills? How will they find a new job?
The term “corporate responsibility” is frequently bandied about today. If you want your organization to make a difference, provide outplacement assistance (career transition) to the exiting employee. It is both good business and good karma to provide these services.
The sooner the exiting employees gets back to work, the less unemployment you pay, the less likely you will be sued or that the exiting employee will attempt to hurt you in some other way.
Many firms have never heard of this type of program but, once introduced, they never stop using outplacement services.
Terminations are part of business. Do them well and you will be rewarded with less overall cost and bad feelings.

Start today to improve your organization! I’ll be here to encourage and help you in any way I can. Call, write or let’s get together to make this year the best year ever!

Outplacement is a new beginning.

Helping Employees “Out”

We make two critical mistakes in America when it comes to our underperforming or otherwise problematic employees: we either fire them too quickly or not quickly enough. Both outcomes can a have extremely detrimental impact on business performance.
Firing someone is unpleasant and risky. There are legal, customer relation, reputation, remaining co-workers, violence in the workplace and many more opportunities for concern which come into play when you let an employee go. Additionally, the replacement may not perform any better than the person you are terminating.
Smart companies aren’t “parts changers” – they find good people, train and supervise them well. They focus on making their current employees better and don’t seek out the elusive “new answer” which often turns into their “new problem.”
Sometimes, however, helping someone “out” is exactly the right thing to do. I’ve seen terminations make immediate and huge differences in remaining employee morale, turnover, customer service and other factors. Often, due to the concerns mentioned above, chronic underperforming or pernicious employees are allowed to stay much too long.
I have two suggestions to make the termination process less risky and unpleasant.
Fire Well
Get some support when you are considering firing someone. Bring in someone from outside your organization to train and support your supervisors before the termination occurs. A little training and coaching goes a very long way to improve the outcome of these, sometimes very challenging, meetings.
Provide Outplacement Assistance
When you fire someone, their first thought is often “how am I going to … feed myself, pay the rent, etc.” This fear often causes them to do things they might not otherwise do (legal, co-worker morale and customer impacts are the most typical). The terminating employee’s actions distract you from your business and can cost you time, money, reputation and happiness.
Outplacement, using an outside firm to guide the employee in their job search activities, often saves you many times what it costs and it is the humane thing to do. You often hear the phrase “corporate responsibility” bandied about. Here is an opportunity to step up and take responsibility by truly helping folks when they need help.
Know when to fire and how to fire. If you need help making the decision or doing the termination, it is often best to bring an experienced, objective outsider into the loop – to ensure things go easier for all parties. Help employees “out” by providing outplacement assistance. It is inexpensive and the right thing to do.
Start today to improve your organization! I’ll be here to encourage and help you in any way I can. Call, write or let’s get together to make this year the best year ever!