OutplacementCompany.Net is, by design, a corporate outplacement services provider that truly cares about people in career transition – it is our mission. We recognize that what we do impacts people’s lives and are deeply committed to helping them through this often challenging time.

As a full-service outplacement company, we do the same things that many other outplacement companies do. In addition to actually caring about those in outplacement, what sets OutplacementCompany.Net apart from others is that we’ve intentionally set up our processes to ensure that our clients actually get the access to our outplacement coaches they need, when they need it.

• We are available 24 x 7 x 365. No one has to make an appointment to talk to one of us. If someone wants to talk, they call us.

• We don’t time limit our services. We don’t offer 30- or 60-day outplacement services programs at OutplacementCompany.Net. We stay with those who use our services until they get “the” job.

• Since all of our outplacement coaches have lost a job in the past, they are able to provide both technical job search advice and emotional support for those in career transition. Again, we actually care about those using our outplacement services…and it shows in our actions.

• Given the Covid pandemic and leveraging modern technology, we work remotely, ensuring faster, easier access for those in participating in our outplacement programs.

Client organizations will find our pricing lower than quality competitors’ because OutplacementCompany.Net intentionally charges less to ensure that those companies who want to help exiting employees, can afford to do so. Helping people in career transition is important to us; more important than the money.

OutplacementCompany.Net. provides corporate outplacement services to organizations in Dallas, Texas, other Texas communities and all across America.