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AB 5 is Wrong – Uber and Lyft are Right

Friends, we should spend our time fighting battles that need to be fought, not making a fuss over problems that aren’t really problems.

California enacted AB5 at the beginning of this year.  Basically, this new law would make it impossible for anyone to be considered a 1099 employee (independent contractor) in the State.  To get this done, California has put together a new test of the relationship between a company and a person to determine if they the person should be considerd an employee or not. Let’s skip, quickly, to California’s answer to this test – NOT.

California, you’ve got too much time on your hands.  Seriously, you should consider getting a job driving for Uber or Lyft in your spare time.  You would, at least, be doing something that would be truly helpful for your constituents.  Uber and Lyft provide a very, very valuable service.  Please, let’s not mess with something that is working this well.

The existing independent contractor law has been up and running for decades.  When a person (or class of people) is misclassified as an independent contractor, the existing regulatory agencies and the courts step in to right things. It isn’t a perfect system, but in general, it is working. There is nothing really broken that can’t be properly redressed with existing law on the books.

Uber and Lyft employees are the very definition of independent contractors (1099 employees).  They set their own start and end times.  They decide when they are available.  They buy and bring their own equipment.  They choose the routes they take.

Uber and Lyft merely provide them with customers.  At best, it is a referral/marketing agreement. Uber and Lyft provide referrals and get paid for doing that.

The result – drivers are making the extra money that they need.  Additionally, for those old enough to remember having to wait long periods of time to get a cab, then riding in the back of a dirty vehicle, often in questionable mechanic condition, driven by a smoker, who blasted the radio, while talking on their cell phone, driving too fast and precariously weaving in and out of traffic, you will know that Uber and Lyft have raised competitive standards in the industry.

Word on the street is that there is even a movement to bring AB5 to federal statutes.

Let’s not do that friends, please.  With Covid-19, we have got enough to keep us busy.  We don’t need another big, government caused mess.  Stop and think through the real ramifications to passing a law like this.  Honestly, it is earth shattering.

Just so you know, I consider myself a fiscal conservative and a liberal.  I want a progressive government that does smart things, efficiently and effectively.  Trust me, government has a long, long way to go to fix what it already has on the books. Let’s please not add to the crushing amount of legislation, poorly regulated and enforced, we currently have.

Instead, let’s spend our time and effort ensuring equal representation and fair treatment for all those who reside in the US, without regard to color, race, creed, national origin, etc. Let’s deal with the major issues first California.






What is outplacement answered by one of the best outplacement companies in the USA!

It may seem immodest to for an outplacement agency to name itself as one of the best outplacement companies in the USA.  It isn’t really because we work really hard to truly help those in career transition.  We actually care about those using our outplacement services and go out of our way to help.  We don’t have “office hours”.  Clients don’t have to make “appointments” with us.  We don’t limit the length of our services (we stay with the person in outplacement until after they’ve found their new job). We are there when there is a need – at 3am if that is when they need to talk.  Helping those using our outplacement services both find a job and find support during the process is our mission and passion.

In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe it is important to really understand “What is outplacement?”  Simply put, outplacement is:

  • A sign that a company values the people that work for it; that the company takes the practice of “corporate responsibility” seriously;
  • A way to show clients, remaining employees and others that you are doing your best to help ex-employee with outplacement services; reducing negative employee morale hits and negative customer reaction;
  • A way to show the exiting employee that you want to help; reducing negative feelings toward you, the chance of litigation, poor social media reviews;
  • A way to help those in outplacement find a new position much more quickly than would normally be possible without outplacement assistance;
  • A way to ensure that those utilizing outplacement services are truly being helped;
  • A way to provide needed career assessment, resume writing, job search strategy, interview training and a wide range of other related services.

Outplacement is the tangible way a company proves it cares.  The good news is that outplacement is very inexpensive.  Most people are surprised at how affordable it is.  When you factor in that people in outplacement normally get back to work much faster than those not provided outplacement services, and the money you save on unemployment taxes, lawyer fees, employee turnover, etc., the ROI of outplacement is very positive.

Again, due to Covid-19, we’ve made a commitment to use video conference technology (Skype, Zoom, etc.) to meet with those in our outplacement services.  We still want to connect.  Surprisingly, we’ve found that this is very, very effective (saves the person in outplacement a lot of time) and feels very “real” to all concerned.  We’ve always been a “high touch” company – now we are using Zoom, Skype, etc. to make those touches.  We have decided to continue you this when the Covid-19 pandemic ends.  This is a wonderful way to help people.


Outplacement services open the door to future career opportunities.

We’d be excited to talk to you about your outplacement needs.  Please do call Rick at 309.310.5982 to find out how we can help.