Tips for Creating an Engaging Resume.

A good resume represents who you are to a prospective employer. A well craftedresume can be very helpful in your search for “the” job.  A bad resume, on the other hand, can hurt your job search efforts.

Guide to a Stronger Resume.

  • Optimize Your Resume for the ‘Scan’.No matter how impressive your accomplishments might be, if your resume doesn’t have a well-thought format, it can fail the ‘scan’ test. Your resume is rarely read from start to finish by the hiring manager. Generally, hiring managers only have time to take a brief look at the format of what you’ve written. If your resume looks clunky, managers will often not invest time to look deeper; they just go to the next resume.

    Make sure you are using an attractive, easy to figure out and read format for your resume. Leave complex designs, fancy fonts and pictures for another time.  Here are some ideas:

    • Use bullet points to highlight important achievements or responsibilities.
    • Reduce the use of underlying and italics, as these only make your resume harder to read.
    • Use wider margins and plenty of white space to ensure hiring managers can easily read and recognize important information on your resume.
  • Use Proper Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

    The use of good spelling, proper punctuation and grammar sends a message that you are careful in your work, that you sweat the details and can follow guidelines. With grammar and spelling checking on most popular word processing software programs today (Word, Google Docs, etc.), there is no reason to have mistakes on your resume. Unfortunately, one missed comma or misspelled word can easily result in you being disqualified for a good job.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Offer Outplacement Services to Your Employees

Outplacement assistance is a highly misunderstood concept. While most people view it simply as being there for your employees for a certain period of time after you’ve laid them off, outplacement assistance entails a lot more than that.

Not only does outplacement assistance include helping your outgoing employee draft the perfect resume, but outplacement services in Chicago, Dallas, Central Illinois or wherever your organization is located can also help your employees find “the” job of their dreams. What’s more, with the help of corporate outplacement services, you can also build a reputation for yourself in the market, and build meaningful relationships with your employees.

Still not convinced that outplacement services are actually important? Here, we’re telling you some of the top reasons about the importance of offering outplacement assistance to departing workers that are guaranteed to change your mind.

1. Build Meaningful Relationships

The world today is more connected than ever before. Needless to say, building and maintaining relationships is crucial if you want to make it big in the industry.

With the help of outplacement services in Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, or Central Illinois, you can show your employees how much you really care about them, and ultimately build a strong and lasting relationship.

2. Improve Your Brand Image

Since outplacement coaching assistance is one of those additional services that you are not obligated to offer, investing in outplacement service shows that you’re genuinely concerned about the future of employees that have worked with you. While this might not seem like a lot, it’sl gestures like these that go a long way, and can help you build an affinity towards your brand.

By supporting your employees throughout the job-finding process, you can also show how committed you are to staying true to your company values, helping you paint a positive picture in front of the world.

3. Reduce Unemployment

Most outgoing employees are generally too distressed to go about searching for a job without technical assistance and emotional support during the process.

On the technical side of finding a job, those utilizing outplacement services assess their talents and interests and learn to offer compelling answers to interview questions.  They also learn many other things, including how to intelligently, more quickly and effectively find “the” job for themselves.

As you might have guessed, doing with without an outplacement coach can be difficult.

Fortunately, a good outplacement agency walks employees through the entire process, hence playing a part in reducing unemployment. A professional outplacement agency will also explain how you can leverage your talents and skills for better compensation and benefits.

4. Protect Organization From Legal Liabilities

Protecting your organization is absolutely necessary. Hiring an outplacement agency can help with just that.

A professional outplacement service can help you mitigate the risk of legal action being taken by displaced employees, reduce your unemployment costs and show that your corporation truly your employee’s service and efforts.

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